Cinro Resources Inc. is a Canadian company focused on gold exploration in Guyana, South America.

The Gold Potential of Guyana: Guyana’s Precambrian greenstone-granite terrain is very similar in age, size, and alteration to those more explored, established and prolific belts found in Canada, West Africa, Brazil and Australia.

The gold occurrences found in Guyana are also analogous in lithology, structure and mineralogy to gold deposits found in those established gold mining centers. Dense tropical rainforests and deep tropical weathering may account for reduced surface exposures and limited exploration-until recently. An exciting new era of exploration and development is currently taking place in Guyana. Cinro intends to be an important participant.

Cinro through its management, advisors and consultants, has established the necessary relationships with the local mining authorities and residents to be able to carry out a systematic exploration program designed to optimize expenditures and generate results.


The CINRO Resources Inc. group of Permits are located in the Amazonian tropical rain forest of Guyana. The Supenaam group of Permits are located approximately 50km west of Georgetown, while the Mazaruni Group of Permits are located approximately 200 km southwest of Georgetown and the Rupununi , South Savannah group of permits are located approximately 530 km south-southwest of Georgetown.

Georgetown is the capital of Guyana and is the main administrative centre of Guyana being the seat of Government and commerce. Our group of permits can be reached from Georgetown by a combination of fixed winged aircrafts, helicopter, roads and river boats.


Iamgold – Au
Guyana Goldfields Inc. – Au
Aranka Goldfields – Au
Rusal – Bauxite
Bosai – Bauxite
First Bauxite Inc. – Bauxite
Sandspring Resources – Au
Shoreham Resources – Au
Romanex – Au
GMV Minerals – Au
Goldport Resources – Au & Cu
Otish Energy Inc. – Au
Epsilon Ventures – Au
Sacre Core – Au
U3O8 – Uranium
CGX Energy – oil
Repsol – Oil
Shell – oil
Exxon – oil
Mobil – oil
YPF- oil
Canacol – oil
Tullow – oil
Sadna – oil
Groundstar Resources – oil