Potaro Prospects

The Potaro Prospects are gold (and Diamond) deposits located within eighteen (18) medium scale prospecting licences (PPMS) in Guyana, approximately 230 miles South West of Georgetown, the country’s capital. The permit holder was granted access to the properties in December 2006.

The property has a history of small scale alluvial mining in the early 2000 with three Brazilians working gold and diamonds on the property. The prospects are located  between the Mowasi Mountians to the North East, Roraima Escarpment to the North West and Muruwa River to the South and are within the Southern limit of  the mineral rich Makapa/Issano shear zone which is host to Omai Gold Mines which produce approximately 3+ million ounces of gold, Eagle Mountain (resource of +1.5 million ounces), Honey Camp, Winters Mine and Mahdia alluvial deposits which has produced over 2+ million ounces of gold.

A speculative resource of +0.5 million ounces of gold has been projected for these prospects (both alluvial and hard rock) and is based mainly on some results historical mining within the general area (~5,000 ounces of gold produced historically within the properties), proposed paleo-valley (old river channel known to host alluvial gold) between the Mowasi Mountains and Muruwa River and sampling along with structural mineral belt (Las Cristinas in Venezuela to Camp Cayman in French Guiana) which is host to over +100 million ounces of gold resource.

Property Description and Agreements

The Potaro Mining prospect comprises of 18 medium scale blocks (A-384/003, A-384/005 – A-384/010, A-384/012 – A-384/022) totaling 21.6 square miles or 13,850 acres. These 18 blocks are owned by Joseph Adams were granted by the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission in December 2006 for Gold and Precious Stones.

Location, Access and Physiography

The Potaro properties are situated between the Mowasi Mountain to the North East, and Muruwa River to the South which has historically produced over +150,000 ounces of gold and ~25,000 carats of Diamonds. It is approximately 230 miles southwest from Georgetown.

The area is accessible by air, boat or land. The centre of the property is located at -59.045 degrees longitude west and 5.024 degrees latitude north.